lxinitd handbook

Table of contents

  • lxinitd - an init process for LXC containers, configurable with a single file `/etc/rc.local`.
  • lxmenu - a shell that allows executing only a few configurable commands.
  • rosh - a readonly shell.
  • syntax - `lxinitd`, `lxmenu`, and `rosh` share the same _litesh_ syntax.
  • builtins - Builtins are commands that are available within the script runtime.
  • lxcoreutils - Lxcoreutils are builtins available in `lxinitd` based on Linux coreutils.
  • lxinitd services - In `lxinitd` has simple service management.
  • lxinitd pid files - How lxinitd processes pid files.
  • lxpasswd - `lxpasswd` is a utility for creating users inside a chroot.
  • rosh aliases - `rosh` can be aliased (symlinked) to act like a couple of standard unix utils.

by teknopaul